Do I need a doctor's referral to book my scan?

A doctor's referral is not required for your scan as we provide non-diagnostic imaging for entertainment purposes only. 
What's the difference between 2D, 3D, 4D and 5D ultrasound?

2D ultrasound is the traditional type of ultrasound used at your medical ultrasounds - a two-dimensional black and white image.
3D ultrasound is a more advanced feature which allows the ultrasound to create a three-dimensional image of your baby which can show facial features. 4D ultrasound is the live 'moving' three-dimensional footage of your baby which allows us to capture hands moving and waving, baby yawning and sucking its thumb!
5D is the latest technology which gives a more life-like render of your baby with a skin-tone image that can be illuminated from different angles to show baby's features off best.
What things affect the quality of the 4D/5D images?

We do everything we can to get the best images of your baby on the day but we can not guarantee perfect images every visit. The amount of amniotic fluid affects the clarity of images, so we encourage you to keep well-hydrated in the week prior to your scan to help with this. Baby's position also greatly affects the images we can get - if baby is facing towards the front of your belly with plenty of fluid around the face we get the best images possible. If baby is facing towards your spine, or has the face pushed into your placenta or umbilical cord in front of the face, it is a lot more challenging. We have many tricks to try and get baby to move into a more favourable position!
When is the best time to schedule the 4D/5D experience?

We recommend 26 - 32 weeks as the best time to schedule the 4D/5D experience. We find this is the best time for baby's facial features to have developed a fullness that creates more detail in the images. After 32 weeks it can get more difficult with baby's position in the pelvis and getting enough fluid in front of the face. 
How accurate are your gender scans?

Our scans are provided by qualified sonographers that are very experienced in gender determination. We can not offer 100% guarantees but the sonographer was not confident during the scan due to baby's position, the gender would not be revealed to you and a complimentary scan would be offered to have another opportunity to confirm baby's gender. We also perform gender scans from 14 weeks, as this gestation gives a very high level of accuracy compared to ultrasound performed before 14 weeks.
When can I have a reassurance scan?

We can provide reassurance scans anytime after 12 weeks and they can be used to give peace of mind about baby, help to reduce any stress or just to have a little peak at what baby is up to! We recommend that if you require reassurance prior to 12 weeks or if you have concerns about pain or bleeding, that you speak with your doctor for an early ultrasound referral at a diagnostic imaging provider.
Can I bring my family or friends?

Yes, you are welcome to bring family and friends to your scan but we do recommend limiting numbers so that you can enjoy your bonding time. We can comfortably seat yourself and two guests in our studio. At every scan you will be provided with digital images and short video clips which are great to be able to share the highlights with all of your friends and family. 
Where are you located?

We operate from a private studio in Kuranda, Queensland. As we are open by appointment only, our address will be shared with you in the email confirmation after booking. Kuranda is the perfect place for a day out so we do recommend making the most of your visit and spending some time enjoying the attractions in our beautiful rainforest village. 
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